Gaining These Awarenesses & Skills

How You Can Develop These Self-Awarenesses & Tools

The are a variety ways that people can develop these personal awarenesses and skills. I wrote the two volume book series so people who live in other areas can develop these awarenesses and skills on their own. The books cover the principles, skills and tools in detail.

Volume I: The Conscious Couples Relationship lays out each of the dynamics that couples found makes a real difference not only to their individual well being but together in their relationships. Each section in Volume I includes exercises that enable you to personalize the principles to your personality, your partner, and others who are important in your life.

Volume II: The Nine Profiles of the Inner and Spiritual Enneagram is a comprehensive description of each type. It lays out that type’s gifts and essential nature, their specific core ego needs, the underlying insecurities of each type, and the specific patterns of how each type tends to go out of balance in their personality. It also includes what each type discovered they need to do in order to grow and free themselves of the binding hold on their unresolved issues.

The book series are available for purchase on this website in the Author’s Books section

Telephone and Skype Sessions

There are also many people who would accelerate their self-awareness and effectiveness in building their skills with coaching. In teaching these awarenesses and tools for over forty years, I offer telephone and Skype psycho-educational sessions to non-local individuals and couples. In these sessions partners find that they quickly gain these awareness and learn new tools and develop their skills.

The advantage of live coaching sessions is that the focus is on your specific needs and issues. And the skills and tools are tailored to your individual strengths and sensitivities.

Note that these sessions are not psychotherapy. I do not practice psychotherapy over the telephone or on Skype. The sessions are educational in format so that partners can learn these awarenesses and skills together or as individuals. I am available weekdays, select evenings and on Saturdays.

Face to Face Sessions in McLean, Virginia

For those local to the Washington, DC area, I offer sessions in my office in McLean, Virginia, just over the Chain Bridge into Northwest DC. I am licensed in Virginia as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. I am available on weekdays, select evenings and on Saturdays.

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